Danielki T105L Jeans Print preventive shoes

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Catalog number: T105L

Product status: Medical grade

Colour: Jeans Print

Material: Natural Nubuck leather

Sole: Thermo rubber with Thomas heel, heel height 1.5 cm

Insole: Leather, preventive and comfortable

Shoe closure: Velcro

Type of footwear: Preventive, Slippers, Sandals



Our preventive shoes hold the HEALTHY FOOT certificate (Certyfikat Zdrowa Stopa) and have received a Positive Opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child (IMC) No. Op-4476.


Danielki's rehabilitation and prophylactic footwear, under normal conditions of use, is recommended for use in children in order to not only prevent the development of functional defects of the lower limbs, but also support treatment and rehabilitation of growth and acquired deformities of the lower limbs. These deformities may include conditions such as valgus knees, valgus foot, varus foot, flat-valgus foot, weak foot, longitudinal flat foot, transverse flat foot, hallux valgus, claw-like positioning of the toes. The footwear is recommended for children with healthy feet to prevent the development of the aforementioned foot defects. After using orthopedic insoles selected by a specialist, Danielki can be employed in the conservative treatment of the mentioned defects.


In case of any serious medical incident related to the use of the product, this information should be reported in writing to the manufacturer to the following address: Danielki Ewa Krupińska, ul. Mińska 37B, 05-300 Stojadła, Poland or by phone: +48 609 911 909, or by e-mail to the e-mail address: info@danielki.pl and to the competent national authority.

Discover DANIELKI: 

  • Secure Heels and Ankles

 Our shoes feature high uppers made of natural leather with optimal stiffening for safety 

  • Customized Design for Your Child's Feet

The adjustable clasp enables the shoe to be tailored to various foot shapes, accommodating even the addition of special inserts.

  • Comfort to the toes

The wide toe design provides ample space, allowing your child's toes the freedom and flexibility to move comfortably.

  • Thomas heel soles

comfortable and, above all, healthy sole with a special natural ground effect.

  • Comfort to the feet 

subtle filling of light foam in the upper, comfortable straps which can be easily adjusted to any foot. The footwear can be used with additional preventive and orthopedic insoles and orthoses.

  • Timeless design

We design shoes to please both children and parents.

Preventing health-related issues in children is crucial during their growth. Unfortunately, at this stage, children are susceptible to various lower limb conditions, including valgus knees or feet, clawed toes, or flat-valgus feet. It is essential to safeguard your child against such ailments, and our store offers the ideal solution with the Danielki Jeans Print preventive shoes.

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Danielki T105L Jeans Print

At our store, you can find high-quality preventive shoes in Jeans Print color designed for girls and boys. This Danielki model has a thermo-rubber sole. The shoes are fastened with Velcro, providing convenient adjustability for your child's feet. Preventive shoes are made with high-quality materials from certified Polish suppliers and manufacturers. Danielki Jeans Print are designed not only to fulfill their primary function of foot prevention but also to look nice, so that children enjoy wearing them. 

We kindly remind you that it’s recommended for children to wear preventive shoes from their first steps. Not only are our shoes made with materials of highest quality but also hand-sewn and expertly finished by top specialists, enhancing both the functionality and appealing appearance of the Danielki shoes available in our store. One of the most important factors increasing prevention efficiency is their design made by specialists and whose structure meets the guidelines of orthopedists and physiotherapists. Danielki Jeans Print shoes are highly durable. By using this type of footwear, we significantly minimize the risk of potential defects in the lower limbs. Our products receive high ratings from doctors and specialists.


Danielki Jeans Print shoes – shop, price and opinions

Our shop, Danielki, was established in 1993. Since then, we have crafted numerous pairs of shoes, gained professional knowledge and experience that enable us to provide services at the highest level. The exceptional quality of our products is proven with the HEALTHY FOOT certificate (Certyfikat ZDROWA STOPA) and the Positive Opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child (IMC). 

If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us at sklep@danielki.pl. Our team is available to address any inquiries you may have and clarify any uncertainties regarding our products. Our preventive shoes – Danielki Jeans Print – come in various sizes. It is crucial to measure your child's foot size when selecting the right shoes, as a proper fit directly influences the effectiveness of preventive measures. Shoe prices may vary depending on the selected variant. If you have any doubts, we encourage you to read the opinions of other customers.

DANIELKI shoes are designed to accompany your child from their first steps. Created in collaboration with designers and specialists, according to a preventive construction. Our products are crafted from the highest quality materials and leather sourced from Polish producers. Each pair is meticulously hand-sewn and finished by experienced and qualified specialists. We prioritize healthy child development, particularly addressing foot issues. Danielki shoes are manufactured with the use of a special system that ensures they are light and flexible. This results in the creation of perfect rehabilitation and preventive shoes suitable for wearing at home, in kindergarten, and, under appropriate conditions, outdoors as well.

Producer and advertising entity: Danielki Ewa Krupińska

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