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Prophylactic lace-up sandals An increasing number of parents decide to use prophylactic shoes for their children. This type of footwear is designed to protect the feet against various types of deformation. For this reason, it is dedicated to children who are predisposed to this type of ailment, which may be a serious problem in the future. Thanks to the possibility of adjusting them to the individual characteristics and construction of children's feet, many defects can be prevented with their help.

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Why is it worth investing in preventive shoes for a child?

The main advantage is the fact that this type of footwear, as the name suggests, is preventive. This means that with their help, the parent can react much faster than any ailment caused by incorrect foot anatomy or improper movement. Prophylactic shoes ensure that all parts of the foot are arranged inside as they should, because their task is to evenly distribute the weight on the surface of the foot. Thanks to this, the pressure of each of them is distributed correctly, and thus - the joints are less exposed to permanent damage. In addition, preventive sandals perfectly cushion the feet and hold them inside the shoe, which prevents any injuries or injuries.


Danielki sandals for a boy

In our store, we present a whole category dedicated to preventive sandals for a boy. All models are made of delicate leather, which is flexible and soft. Thanks to these features, the material adapts well to the anatomical structure of the foot, wraps and supports it, thanks to which the shoes perfectly fulfill their preventive role. Small holes on the sides of the sandals provide adequate ventilation on warmer days, which prevents excessive sweating of the feet, and thus - rubbing the skin by the material.

Sandals have been equipped with a special Thomas heel. It is a delicate elevation up to a few millimeters in height, which changes the way and force of loading the growth zones of the lower limbs. Thanks to this, individual parts of the foot begin to fit properly, and the pressure is distributed to those places where it should be. In this way, the Thomas heel found in prophylactic shoes corrects valgus in the feet and knees, which prevents excessive stress and subsequent damage to the joints.

Preventive shoes offered in this category have different colors and applications so that the child can wear sandals that he likes the most. Among them you will find shoes in navy blue, blue or red. The shoes have applications in the shape of cars, the sun or the inscription "OK". The sandals are equipped with laces that provide better stabilization of the foot and ankle than Velcro.

If you are looking for suitable preventive sandals for a boy that enjoy positive customer opinions, check out the offered shoe models. Place an order, providing all information and recommendations from the doctor, and we will make footwear especially for your child.

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